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Beige Macramé Bracelet With Carnelian Gemstones

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This is a beige handmade macramé adjustable bracelet. The natural colors beige and orange in combination with the Turquoise give the ultimate result. All the gemstones used on this bracelet are natural so the colors of every stones in different than the other! That is how nature did it! Everyone is unique!

- Description
* Length: 19 cm or 7.48 inches. Adjustable ending.
* Width: 2 cm or 0.78 inches.
- Materials

This macrame bracelet is hand-knotted by me with premium beige Dandelion waterproof macrame thread.
The bracelet holds 24 African turquoise and 4 dazzling orange Carnelian gemstones.

Read more about the gemstones:

  • Turquoise defends form evil and mostly from the evil eye. Compatible zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Read more about the Turquoise gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Turquoise
  • Carnelian is a gemstone that leads to success in business! Compatible zodiac sign is Leo. Read more about the Carnelian gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Carnelian

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