Red Macrame Earrings with Apatite, Malachite and Agate Gemstones

Agate Gemstone

Agate Gemstone

Color: Clear or milky, white, grey, brown
Agate is a gemstone that makes wishes come true.
It is a quite common gemstone with different abilities per color, but it is even more common to be found with artificial colors. This process withdraws the abilities of the gemstone.

On a mental level: Agate helps with concentration and leads the thought to practical solutions. It leads to our personal truth.
On a psychological level: this gemstone helps with self-acceptance while it helps secret information to be revealed.
On an emotional level: Helps with the healing of inner anger and empowers love and gives strength for new beginnings.

Black Macrame Green Agate Silver Earrings

Healing properties: Agate gemstone is known to stabilize the aura and clean love blockage. In addition, Agate is a great healer of skin diseases.
Apply on the part of the body that needs healing.
Green Agate empowers mental and emotional wellness and helps with decision-making. It is also very useful in resolving conflicts.

Pink Agate: Empowers the love between parent and child and for better results apply to the heart.

In summary, Agate is a gemstone that helps with mental, psychological, and emotional balance.

You can choose one of our unique handmade macrame creations with Agate natural gemstones for you or your beloved people.

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