Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone

Color: Deep purple to lavender purple 

Amethyst gemstone is a very powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibrations. Historically Amethyst gemstone was worn, as to avoid getting drunk. The name originated from the Greek word A-methystos which translates to "non-drunk".

Amethyst can be very helpful during meditation, and while meditating, it can guide thoughts toward relaxation and deeper understanding. 

On a mental level: Amethyst gemstone can help a person be more focused and less empty. It can empower decision making and can process all the information coming in. As well as it can connect the results with their reasons. 

Amethyst gemstones can be great for transmitting the right messages to the brain and can be very effective when a hypertensive mind keeps you up with insomnia. 

In addition, it can help with understanding the meaning of dreams and can help with visualization. This is a very spiritual gemstone that can manage the feeling of egoism and provide spiritual wisdom. 

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Healing Abilities: Amethyst gemstone tones the production of hormones and controls your metabolism. 

It can help with the release of physical, emotional, and psychological pain and stress. As well as helps with releasing tension causing headaches.

Amethyst gemstone is especially beneficial when it is worn around the neck as a necklace or on top of the heart. If you suffer from insomnia or nightmares place it underneath the pillow. 

Purple Lavender Amethyst: This color has some additional abilities. It activates or calms the chakras of the heart and the neck. 

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