Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

Handmade Macrame Aquamarine Earrings Long Dangle Gypsy Earrings

Color: Green, blue

Aquamarine gemstone gives courage, helps by calming the mind, and reduces stress. In ancient times, Aquamarine was used as a protector, since they believed it could deflect evil and favor the spirits of the light. As well as the sailors used to hold it as a protector of the seas. 

On a psychological level: Aquamarine is a gemstone, ideal for sensitive people. It has the power to create tolerance towards others, and overcome criticism, and judgment. If you wish to create a persuasive and dynamic personality who can ''break'' all distractions this is a gemstone for you. Aquamarine gemstones can calm the mind by removing unnecessary thoughts. It is a great filter for the right information to reach the mind and perceptions. In the meantime, it can clear out all confusion. It is very useful to understand the situations that put us under emotional stress and determine our feelings. 

On a spiritual level: Aquamarine enhances intuition and insight. It may create a shield around the aura, aligns the chakra, clears the throat chakra, and communicates at a higher level. 

Treatment: Aquamarine is useful for soar throat and thyroid symptoms. It empowers the organs, eyes, mouth, and teeth, as well as the stomach. It is useful for helping with eyesight, calms the body during a cold and autoimmune diseases. 

Placement: You can either place it in the third eye or drink it as an elixir. 

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