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Red Macramé Earrings with Amazonite Gemstones

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This is a beautiful pair of long dangle earrings with light blue Amazonite gemstones. If you like big earrings this is the one for you. Combines boho and hippy style or glamour and fancy if worn accordingly. This is also a perfect gift for a Virgo since Amazonite is one of Virgo's sign birthstones.

- Description
* Length: 10 cm or 3.9 inches.
* Width: 4 cm or 1.56 inches.
- Materials

Each earring is handmade in Greece using red rotten apple macramé waterproof cords and 3 light blue Amazonite gemstones. The earring hooks are 925 Sterling Silver 14 karat gold plated Silver.

Read more about the gemstones:

  • They say that Amazonite is a gemstone that helps with creativity! Compatible zodiac sign is Virgo. Read more about the Amazonite gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Amazonite

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