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Red Macrame Set with Tiger Eye Gemstones

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- Description

* Necklace Length: 38 cm or 15 inches with adjustable ending.
* Pendant Width: 5 cm or 2 inches * Pendant Length: 6.5 cm or 2.55 inches

* Bracelet Length: 18 or 7.08 inches. Adjustable ending.
Bracelet Width: 3.5 cm or 1.37 inches.

- Materials:

This beautiful macrame bracelet is handmade in Greece with red and purple macrame cords. It is decorated with Tiger Eye and gold Hematite gemstones. 

This is a red and purple macrame necklace with Tiger Eye gemstones. Handmade with macrame cords and it is decorated with stunning Tiger Eye gemstones. 

Read more about the gemstones:

  • Tiger Eye gemstone can bring good luck for business and money. The compatible zodiac sign is Taurus. Read more about the Tiger Eye gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Tiger Eye
  • Hematite is a gemstone which gives courage and confidence! Read more about the Hematite gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Hematite
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