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Gray Macramé Necklace with Crystal Quartz Gemstones

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- Description
* Pendant Length: 5 cm or 1.95 inches.
* Pendant Width: 5 cm or 1.95 inches.
- Materials
This is a handmade macramé necklace, knit with gray macramé waterproof cords. The center holds milky white Crystal Quartz. The ending is adjustable, therefore both men and women can wear the necklace. The end is decorated with black Onyx gemstones
Read more about the gemstones:

  • Crystal Quartz is a gemstone that helps reveal secret talents within us! Read more about the Crystal Quartz gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Crystal Quartz
  • Onyx gemstones are known to rise the energy levels of the person who wears it. Compatible zodiac sign is Capricorn. Read more about the Onyx gemstone on our blog 'Gemstone of the month' Onyx 
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