Fluorite Gemstone

Fluorite Gemstone

Fluorite Gemstone

Macrame Black Necklace with Fluorite Gemstones

Color: Transparent, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown

 Fluorite gemstone provides strong protection, especially on a psychic level. It can clean and secure your aura, as well as it can benefit against the stress caused by computers and electromagnetic waves. 

During a healing session, it can trap all negative energies and types of stress. Fluorite gemstone, grounds, and embodies all spiritual energies. It can empower progress on many levels forcing a schedule of everyday life. 

On a psychological level: Fluorite gemstone dissolves old stereotypes and increases self-confidence. Fluorite gemstones benefit physical and mental coordination. It can dissolve illusions and helps with the truth to be revealed. Fluorite gemstone can be a great assistant with knowledge. It helps with absorbing new information and progressive thinking. 

On an emotional level:  Fluorite is a gemstone that can assist with the meaning of balance in your life.https://www.elvyscreations.com/products/beige-macrame-transparent-green-fluorite-beaded-bracelet-for-men-and-women-natural-healer-gems?_pos=5&_sid=bb49af3e9&_ss=r

Healing Properties: Fluorite gemstone is a great healing instrument facing pollution and lack of balance. It is a great healer for light colds and flu, and it can be worn as an earring or placed at your house. 

Fluorite gemstone can dissolve negative energy and stress but remember to clean it after every use. 

Green Fluorite: The green Fluorite gemstone can ground unnecessary energies and can clean infestations. It is very useful for cleaning the aura, the chakras, and the mind. 

Violet and purple Fluorite: Purple Fluorite gemstone is can activate the third eye and it is a great companion for meditating.

You can choose one of our unique handmade macrame creations with Fluorite natural gemstones for you or your beloved people.
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