Black Macrame Tiger Eye Handmade Necklace

Tiger Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye Gemstone

Brown Macrame Bracelet Adjustable Cuff Tiger Eye Gemstones

Color: brown and gold

Tiger Eye is a quite common gemstone frequently used due to the majestic illusion of a tiger's eye. Brown and gold colors combine to create a dazzling result. Besides the beautiful colors, it is believed to bring good luck to the one who wears it.

In summary, we could say that Tiger Eye is a gemstone that helps clear mixed feelings and helps you recognize real needs from wishes. 

On a mental level: this gemstone is qualified to resolve personal conflicts usually caused by pride and stubbornness.

On a psychological level: Tiger Eye helps you understand and recognize your talents, as well as the flaws you need to resolve.

On an emotional level: Balances yin and yang energies while it raises your mood.


Healing Properties: Tiger Eye is a gemstone is known for healing the eyes and most importantly empowering the ability to see better at night. Finally, it is a great gemstone that helps with the healing of broken bones.

Apply: For best results, you can wear it as a necklace or an armband on your right arm. 

In conclusion, the brown and gold natural Tiger Eye is a gemstone that helps you pay attention to detail and won't let you rest till you perfect your project.

Tiger Eye is a great companion for exams and is important, as it helps with clear thinking and guides logic over emotion.

You can choose one of our unique handmade macrame creations with Tiger Eye natural gemstones for you or your beloved people.

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