Dark Red Macrame Necklace With Garnets and Turquoise Gemstones

Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise Gemstone


Color: Turquoise green or blue

Turquoise gemstone has been known for its protection abilities for hundreds of years. Among many properties, Turquoise gemstone empowers the channeling with the natural and spiritual world.

Placed on the Third Eye Turquoise enhances intuition and meditation.  If placed in the throat chakra it releases old promises and it allows the soul to express itself again.

It looks through past lives and shows you that fate is constant and depends on what you do every moment. 

Turquoise gemstone provides balance and helps you understand other people's opinions. 

On a psychological level: Turquoise gemstone empowers and guides you through self-sabotage. 

On a mental level: Turquoise gemstone diffuses self-control by keeping you vigilant, it helps with your creative expression. In addition, it helps with mood swings and leads to a romantic life. 

On a physical level: Turquoise gemstone is great for healing depression, exhaustion, and panic attacks. 


Healing Properties: Turquoise gemstone works great for healing inflammations and detox as well as pain caused by cramps. You can place it on top of the body part or the third eye.  
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