Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone Gemstone

Handmade Macrame Moonstone Anklet Black Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Colors: White, yellow, blue, and green.
Moonstone is a great gemstone for new beginnings. It is a great talisman that helps with intuition, also another attribute of moonstone is that it calms emotions.

On a mental level: Moonstone gemstones provide stability within emotional stress. It is a great gemstone that helps with sleep deprivation and sleepwalking.

Moonstone Birthstone Cancer Macrame Handmade Necklace
On a psychological level: Moonstone gemstones help in stressful situations and emotional triggers. This is a gemstone filled with positive and receiving energy.
On a physical level: Moonstone gemstones affect the female reproductive cycle and help with period pains and tension created by hormones. As well as it is very good for calming someone who is in shock and hyperactive children.

Macrame Black Crystal Quartz Necklace
Healing properties: Wear it on the forehead for spiritual experiences or on your heart to heal your emotions.
Ladies remember to remove it the night s the moon is full.

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