Blue Macrame Earrings with Amazonite Gemstones

Amazonite Gemstone

Amazonite Gemstone

Color: Blue, green

Amazonite gemstone is a very efficient filter. It is a blocker for stress and protects from electromagnetic pollution.

On a mental level:  Amazonite gemstone can filter the information which goes through the brain and combines it with intuition.

Amazonite gemstone calms the brain and the neural system and helps with the alignment of the natural body with the ethereal body, maintaining good health. 

Balances male and female energy. Same way Amazonite helps you see the two sides or opinions on a problem.

Amazonite gemstones can help you heal emotional trauma reducing insecurity and fear. 

Healing properties: Amazonite gemstone heals and opens the heart chakra and the throat, in order to promote a channel of communication, based in love. This is a gemstone that helps to open the third eye and your intuition.

It clears the negative energy and the blockage of the neural system.

Basically, Amazonite gemstone is a great protector against all health problems which occur due to microwaves or other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

An effective way of using the Amazonite gemstone is by placing it between you and the source of any kind of pollution.

You can wear it in order to protect yourself from microwaves or place it on your computer or cellphone. Otherwise, you can hold it above the desired body part you want to heal. 

You can choose one of our unique handmade macrame creations with Amazonite natural gemstones for you or your beloved people.
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