Chalcedony Healing Abilities

Chalcedony Healing Abilities

Chalcedony Gemstone

Color: white, pink, blue, red, gray

Chalcedony is a gemstone that takes promotes brotherhood and good vibes. It can be used to transfer thoughts and telepathic messages. It can absorb negative energy and dissolves it so it won't spread. 

In the past Chalcedony was used to make drinking glasses. It was believed that the gemstone could protect a person from being poisoned.


It can bring harmony to the mind, spirit, and emotions. Giving out feelings of happiness and generosity. Chalcedony removes feelings of aggression and it can transform melancholy into joy.

On a psychological level: Chalcedony can decrease feelings of doubt for our abilities and can create an enthusiastic personality.

Healing abilities: Chalcedony is a powerful cleaner for open wounds. it can empower maternal instinct and increases the production of lactation. It can increase the energy of the body and it can help with the cure of eyes, bones, and blood. 

Placement: Wear it as a ring or a necklace or place it accordingly. Touching the skin on top of the organ.


Pink Chalcedony: It encourages kindness and all benefits. It can give the feeling of childlike happiness, admiration for life, and the desire to learn new things. It can create a deep sense of trust. This gemstone is really useful for healing autoimmune diseases. Pink Chalcedony can empower the heart and the immune system. 

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