Dendritic Agate Healing Abilities

Dendritic Agate Healing Abilities

Dendritic Agate
Dendritic Agate gemstone is known for attracting abundance, in all aspect of our lives. It can be used for enhancing the harvest and maintain health in greenhouses. 
Dendritic Agate creates a peaceful environment and encourages the feeling, of enjoying the moment. This gemstone has a strong connection with nature and can help you connect with nature as well.
However you decide to use the gemstone, Dendritic Agate can help you be in your center, especially during periods of conflicts or struggles. It can bring stability and focus to help you see obstacles as challenges. 
On a spiritual level, Dendritic Agate can motivate you to be connected with your roots, as it aligns the chakras achieving a connection with the high consciousness. 
Healing abilities:
The strokes in the gemstone represent the ramifications of our body, like our neural system and our veins. It can help with neurologic conditions and you place it where you feel pain and or a wound. It can heal the geo-pathetic stress and you can place it in pots with plants. Wear it for a long time for better results. 

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